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On this website you can find a range of information about our Sports department ANI

Sports at ANI

We develop and deliver a range of different sports opportunities at ANI. These opportunities happen weekly, with trials and training sessions for sports.  

We provide the students with the possibilities of Zones, Interzones and weekly tournaments. We also have our running Club.

Zones Tournaments

ANI is allocated in the Central area of schools in Auckland. Each of the areas in Auckland has its own "Zones Sports Tournament". 

These competitions happen in one-day events; during school time, from 9:00 am to 2:20 pm. ANI normally take our students to these competitions with a staff/teacher member and parents / Caregivers' support.

You can see who is the teacher in charge of particular sports on the "What is on" page.

Weekly Sports tournaments

ANI enrols our students and manages three mainly weekly sports competitions.

These are: Netball (Mixed), Basketball (Girls and Boys) and Waterpolo (Mixed). This is open for both Year levels (Y7 & Y8)

The teachers in charge are: 

ANI Running Club - Squad

ANI has our own running squad. 

This is open to all our students and whānau.

Training sessions are on Wednesdays and Fridays - Meetings are in the library at 7h15 am.

 The teacher in charge is

Talk to us about sports

If you are either a student or a parent and you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, or feedback, please do not hesitate to talk to us. 

You can send me an email, or schedule a visit at any time. 

Flick me a message and we can have a coffee @ANI to talk about sports and your child/children's sports goals, achievements and strategies."

Carlos Kucera - ANI sports coordinator

Brittany Joubert - ANI PE Specialist teacher