Elissa Aminoff - Assistant Professor of Psychology, Fordham University

Elan Barenholtz - Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Florin Cutu

Chris D'Lauro - Associate Professor, Air Force Academy

Sophie Lebrecht - Machine Learning Manager at Apple

Jessie Peissig - Professor, Cal-State, Fullerton

John Pyles - Director, Brain Imaging Center, University of Washington

Bruno Rossion - Professor, Université de Lorraine - CNRS


Vlada Aginsky (Knowlton) - How Visual Landmarks are Selected During Small-Scale Navigation

Alan Ashworth

Nadine Chang - Bridging the gap from human vision to computer vision | NVIDIA

Isabel Gauthier - Dissecting Face Recognition: The Role of Expertise and Level of Categorization in Object Recognition | Vanderbilt University

William Hayward | Lingnan University

Cullen Jackson | Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Jayanth Koushik - Rethinking object categorization in computer vision | Carnegie Mellon

Chun-Chia Kung - Expanding the FFA debate: Reevaluation of recent studies and new evidence for the multimodal and dynamic Fusiform gyrus | National Cheng Kung University

Sophie Lebrecht - “Micro-Valences”: Affective Valence in “Neutral” Everyday Objects | Allen Institute for AI

Daniel Leeds - Searching for the Visual Components of Object Perception | Fordham University

Galit Naor-Raz | Private Clinical Practice, Israel

Adrian Nestor - The Featural Code of Face Perception | University of Toronto

Guilia Righi | Brown University

Juliet Shafto - Visual Perception of Shape-Contour Type

Heiða María Sigurðardóttir - Objects in Space | University of Iceland

Jean Vettel - Neural Integration of Multimodal Events | Army Research Labs

Lindsay Victoria - The Organization of Object Categories in the Brain | Weill Cornell Medicine

Quoc Vuong - Spatio-temporal Signatures for Object Recognition: Motion and Shape Interact in Discriminating, Remembering, and Learning Novel Rotating Objects

Aria Wang - Using Task Driven Methods to Uncover Representations of Human Vision and Semantics | NIH

Pepper Williams - Prototypes, Exemplars, and Object Recognition PDF
Note that this is an unpublished (but really good) paper that Pepper derived from his PhD thesis. The fact that this paper isn't published is pretty discouraging. The particular reviewers for this paper were so ridiculously picky and negative that we just moved on. So much for science.

Yang Xu - Cortical Spatiotemporal Plasticity in Visual Category Learning | University of Toronto

Ying Yang - Source-Space Analyses in MEG/EEG and Applications to Explore Spatio-temporal Neural Dynamics in Human Vision | Meta Reality Labs

research assistants

Jerome Harris

Carol Jew - PhD Student, University of Rochester

Austin Marcus

Jacob Price - PhD Student, Harvard University

Kevin Tan - PhD Student, UCLA


Elissa Aminoff, Tom Andrus, Peter Arcuni, Alex Bilsky, Doug Bitting, Nick Blauch, Preston Bost, Serena Butcher, Tami Edwards, Colin Ellis, Alexander Franks, Carolyn Fredericks, Julia Green, Danella Hafeman, Jeb Havens, Ari Johnson, Raashmi Krishnasamy, Ashley Kingon, Scott Klemmer, Max Kramer, April Lee, Davis Liang, Doug Luce, Prachi Mahableshwarkar, Mohsin Malik, Steve Messé, Corinna Moore, David Muñoz, Hari Muthakana, Giulia Righi, Leslie Roos, James Rosoff, Darren Seibert, Josh Siegle, James Servidea, Josh Tenenbaum, Mariya Toneva, KaRin Turner, Ana Beth Van Gulick, Jon Villines, Joan Weisman, Scott Yu, Marion Zabinski, Jeff Zacks