You're unlikely to discover something new without a lot of practice on old stuff, but further, you should get a heck of a lot of fun out of working out funny relations and interesting things.

Richard P. Feynman

we do high-risk research on hard problems in human vision to:

  • understand the constraints necessary to "build" a visual system

  • develop better articulated models of the intermediate and high-level vision

  • explore how vision interacts with other modalities

we use tools drawn from machine learning, computer vision, computer graphics, and neuroimaging, including fMRI, DTI, MEG, EEG

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sept 2020 welcome new lab members, sophie robert and gabe sarch

sept 2020 congrats (and sad to see him go!) on john pyles' new position as the
co-director of the university of washington's center for human neuroscience

may 2020 congrats on nadine's internship at NVidia and aria's at Facebook

dec 2019 aria, nadine, and mike are presenting at NeurIPS

oct 2019 PhD alumnus Will Hayward runs 245 miles in 52 hours (and comes in second!)

sept 2019 undergrad alumnus Josh Tenenbaum named 2019 MacArthur Fellow

may 2019 congrats to Juliet Shafto on successfully defending her Ph.D. Dissertation
"Visual perception of shape-contour type”!

PhD alumnus Daniel Leeds receives tenure at Fordham University in the
Department of Computer and Information Sciences

the BOLD5000 paper is out

PhD alumnus Adrian Nestor receives tenure at the University of Toronto
Scarborough in the Department of Psychology