Welcome to the Carnegie Mellon University Math Club!

The Carnegie Mellon University Math Club (CMUMC) is a student-run math club open to everyone who loves math: math major or not, undergraduate or graduate. Feel free to come to our events whether or not you've been to one before!

What We Do

What's New!

We host talks every Wednesday with free pizza! Talks are given by faculty, graduate students, or undergraduates.

We run a mentor/mentee program where freshman and sophomores are paired with juniors and seniors for course advice, ways to navigate the math departments, and to make friends!

On Fridays, we hold social events or informational events about issues relevant to the math community.

See below for information on our Math Club 22-23 Exec Elections and Math Department Tea!

The math department runs a new program called Classroom to Table where a group of students can go to dinner with a math faculty member.



Math Department Teas

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the math department hosts tea time in WEH 6220 at 4:30-5pm. Come by for hot tea, snacks, and conversation!

Classroom-To-Table Program

The Classroom to Table program is a new department-run program in which 3-5 undergraduate students invite 1-2 professors to lunch or dinner together. As part of the program, the department will reimburse up to $25 per person (faculty to handle reimbursements). Here's how it will work:

  • A group of 3-5 students should initiate the invitation to targeted faculty members (the available professors are listed in a sheet linked below).

  • Students and confirmed faculty should then choose a convenient location (walking distance) so that transport to/from is easy for everyone (The Porch, Schatz, or other places along Craig Street are just a few options).

  • Each student is limited to using this program twice per month

Use this google sheet to help coordinate.

Math Club Exec Elections!

The CMU Math Club is currently holding elections for President and VP Internal and VP External. SEE HERE for the application form and description of positions.

After the President and VP, the rest of the election process will be determined by the new leadership!


President application closes: Friday, 3/25/22

President interviews: Saturday, 3/26 - Monday 3/28

President decision: Tuesday, 3/29

VP application closes: Thursday, 3/31

VP election: Friday, 4/1 - Sunday, 4/3 (includes VP open forum questions)

Announcement of President, VPE, VPI: Monday, 4/4

Application for all other positions: begins Tuesday, 4/5