Working Papers

Distortion of Public-Spirited Participatory Budgeting.

Mark Bedaywi, Bailey Flanigan, Mohamad Latifian, Nisarg Shah.  under submission.


Manipulation-Robust Citizens' Assembly Selection.

Bailey Flanigan, Jennifer Liang, Ariel Procaccia, Sven Wang.  under submission.


Journal Papers

Fair Algorithms for Selecting Citizens' Assemblies. 

Bailey Flanigan, Paul Gölz, Anupam Gupta, Brett Hennig, Ariel Procaccia. Nature '21

*Honorable mention for INFORMS Doing Good with Good OR prize.

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Conference Papers

Smoothed Analysis of Social Choice, Revisited. 

Bailey Flanigan, Daniel Halpern, Alexandros Psomas.  WINE '23.


Toward Accounting for Stakes in Voting.

Bailey Flanigan, Ariel Procaccia, Sven Wang. FORC '23 (non-archival), under submission.


Distortion Under Public-Spirited Voting.

Bailey Flanigan, Ariel Procaccia, Sven Wang. EC '23. under submission at Management Science.

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CS-JEDI: Required DEI Education by CS PhD Students, for CS PhD Students. 

Bailey Flanigan, Ananya Joshi, Sara McAllister, Catalina Vajiac. SIGCSE '23. 

*Best paper award 


Fair Sortition Made Transparent.

Bailey Flanigan, Gregory Kehne, Ariel Procaccia. NeurIPS '21. 

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Neutralizing Self-Selection Bias in Sampling for Sortition. 

Bailey Flanigan, Paul Gölz, Anupam Gupta, Ariel Procaccia. NeurIPS '20. 

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The Pod People: Understanding Manipulation of Social Media Popularity via Reciprocity Abuse.   

Janith Weerasinghe*, Bailey Flanigan*, Aviel Stein, Damon McCoy, Rachel Greenstadt. WWW '20.           

*indicates equal contribution

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Mini-Public Selection: Ask What Randomness Can Do For You.

Bailey Flanigan, Paul Gölz, Ariel Procaccia. Harvard Ash Center '23.


Biology Publications 

Understanding the Role of Tyrosine 1101 in the Nuclear Translocation of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor. Flanigan B, Iida M, Brand TM, Wheeler DL. Presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. 2016.

Targeting the HER Family with Pan-HER Effectively Overcomes Resistance to Cetuximab. Iida M, Bahrar H, Brand TM, Pearson HE, Coan JP, Orbuch RA, Flanigan B, Swick AD, Prabakaran PJ, Lantto J, Horak ID, Kragh M, Salgia R, Kimple RJ, Wheeler DL. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 2016. 

Adaptive Responses to Antibody Based Therapy. Rodems TS, Iida M, Brand TM, Pearson HE, Orbuch RA, Flanigan B, and Wheeler DL. Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology. 2016.