Growing silk worms out of curiosity
DIY Bio in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Andrea Polli's silk worm DIY Biology project

Towards the ‘InnerNet:’ An integrated sensor analysis of biome/microbiome systems, employing novel interactivity through acoustics and design for personalized health monitoring is a collaborative art-science project supported by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the W.M. Keck Foundation. Our project team includes: Paul Weiss, Beth Cardier, Niccolo Cassas, Allison Kudla, Andrea Polli, Ruth West, and a special thanks to J.D. Talasek, director of Cultural Programs, National Academy of Sciences, and Donald E. Ingber, director of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard. more...

Man's head in pool, listening to underwater sounds
Rising Gas artwork on wall

The Rising Waters Confab Rauschenberg Residency on Captiva Island aims to spark new thinking and influence civic will toward finding and spreading solutions to the rising waters of climate change. This is a collective effort guided by a diverse array of artists and writers in a spirit of collaboration with scientists, activists, advocates, philanthropists, and island dwellers. Biocultura created the works Rising Gas, an underwater sound work in Rauschenberg's pool , and digitally generated images representing Florida's projected sea level rise more...

The 'T' House

Inspired by a traditional teahouse, The 'T' House provides a physical and virtual ‘platform’ for the performance, discussion and experience of the complex symbiotic relationship of humans and plants.

The Biokitchen

The Biokitchen is a deployable, transformable site for exploring architecture, biology and culture. This video documents the Biokitchen launch at the Explora! museum where we presented a ‘tasting’ of beneficial microorganisms and Bio Art videos on a screen grown from kombucha.

Yádiłhił bee’askłóó - Binding Sky

Binding Sky is part of a 3-fold experience that uses radio, oral history and education to bring greater public attention to the complexities of the inter-relationships between air, people and technology on the Navajo Nation and beyond. The project brings audiences on a journey through Navajo country through broadcast radio and new media and explores how the changing cultural landscape transforms spiritual and physical health through interviews with tribal members from varied perspectives. The site-specific components include the benches in the four corners region of New Mexico that allow participants to personally observe this transforming biosphere.

Bioethics of Beer flier

The Bio-Ethics of Beer (BeB) is an experiment in interaction. Inspired by beer-making and beer drinking, BeB attempts to facilitate an interactive experience with technology, bars, and the people around you. BeB included an interactive text message game and zine, both revolving around 5 themes of beer making. Similar to a MUD, you participate in tasks in the real world, share them with others, and reap rewards along the way. Our endeavor was to create a landscape of philosophical drunken warriors, at least for a few days. more...