June 15 LASER:

Polar Light: Art Creates the Long View

Artists Morgan Barnard and Don Kennell will present their respective artworks Aurora Cloud and Long View. Both works address connection to and immersion in polar environments. Morgan Barnard's Aurora Cloud is part of a collaboration with Ideum to create an immersive experience at the penguin exhibit at Albuquerque Bio Park. Don Kennell's monumental work will be hard to miss at Interplanetary Festival (June 14-16) in Santa Fe's Railyard Park.

Date/time: June 15, 2019 at 7PM, Doors open at 6:30PM.

Location: Warehouse 21, 1614 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501. Parking behind Warehouse 21 or railyard.

Admission: FREE. Donations accepted. RSVP: Reserve a seat at Eventbrite.

Santa Fe artists Don Kennell and Lisa Adler created Long View, a towering, 35-foot tall Polar bear welded from white car hoods that serve as a projection screen for images about nature, the environment and climate change, installed at in Railyard Park during Interplanetary Festival. Polar bears are on the front lines of climate change, threatened with extinction within decades. “Long View” is a term used to describe polar bear behavior in the wild. Polar bears stand up to look far into the distance, into the future. Long View serves as a symbol for the connection between carbon footprint and habitat loss. The sculpture itself serves as a screen for digital projections at night that address climate change and our connection to the environment. Kennell and Adler believe the polar bear’s message to us is to take the long view. They made this artwork so people can hear the polar bear’s message and become her ally. After the LASER talk, Kennell and Adler will present a live digital projection on the sculpture.

Don Kennell and Lisa Adler formed DKLA Design to fabricate and deliver unique monumental sculptures that create community engagement. They use recycled materials to represent a sustainable ethic and promote a higher consciousness about the connection between humans and the natural world. https://donkennell.com/

Floating above some lucky penguins is Aurora Clouds is a dynamic, LED, light installation inspired by visual sightings of the Aurora in the southern hemisphere. Designed by artist Morgan Barnard, Aurora Cloud is part of the new Penguin Chill exhibit at the Bio Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The piece uses data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellites to predict the visibility and intensity of the Aurora Australis. Morgan collaborated with Ideum, a Corrales company that makes interactive touch displays for museums and exhibitions to create an immersive experience that guide guests through an “Antarctic research expedition” at the penguin exhibit.

Morgan Barnard is a digital artist and designer working in the areas of public art, interactive media, lighting design, immersive installations and live cinema. His work offers audiences unique moments of observation and reflection through the use of projection and lighting. His studio, located in the high desert of New Mexico is focused on creating work that combines interactivity, data-visualisation, real-time systems and experimental digital techniques. Morgan brings a broad multidisciplinary skill set to the projects he works on and thrives on collaborations with other artists, architects, clients, contractors and project partners. http://morganbarnard.com/

Morgan also has a video art piece, Collisions, featured at Currents New Media Festival 2019 at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, across Paseo de Peralta from Warehouse 21. More on Collisions at Currents...

Please check out the schedules for Interplanetary Festival June 14-16 in and around the Railyard including Don Kennell's Long View sculpture and Currents New Media Festival June 3-27 featuring Morgan Barnard's Collisions digital art piece.

With thanks to our co-sponsor: UNM College of Fine Arts

and Leonardo/ ISAST (The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology)

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