Group Programs Abroad

Let us take care of the details, application process, and payments, so you can focus on your students. All of our programs abroad feature a homestay experience.

ANDEO offers custom-designed programs abroad for teacher-led groups. We would love to tailor a program for you that complements your students' classroom learning experience. We're sure students will return with a deeper understanding of other cultures and fresh enthusiasm for their language studies - and maybe you will, too!

All of ANDEO's programs abroad feature homestays with welcoming host families. In some locations, you can choose to include interactive small-group language classes, cultural activities, and excursions, or encourage your students to embrace the challenge of becoming fully immersed in the daily rhythms of their host families' lives.

Group trip Prices

Prices typically range from $1,950 to $4,300 for full immersion programs and from $2,450 to $4,850 for programs featuring classes, group activities, and excursions.

What's great about working with andeo?

Based in the Pacific Northwest, ANDEO has been specializing in educational homestay programs since 1981. When you travel abroad with ANDEO you can count on:

We have:

  • Over thirty-five years of experience and relationships in our field
  • Frank advice and competent support
  • Dedicated, caring, and savvy staff
  • Commitment to quality homestay experiences

WE will:

  • Hold an informational meeting or webinar for interested students and parents
  • Provide teachers, students, and parents with informational materials including FAQ
  • Handle the application process and payments
  • Book the flights and coordinate the in-country travel
  • Arrange medical travel insurance for you and your students
  • Give students and parents comprehensive orientation materials
  • Offer an orientation meeting or webinar before departure
  • Be available throughout the preparation process and during the program to answer questions and help solve any issues that may arise


Let us know your preferred dates, length, student levels, and whether you'd like classes and activities or a full-immersion experience for your students, and we'll create a custom-quote for you. Check out the links below to view what other schools are doing this year.




San Sebastian



Full Immersion (Madrid area)




Full immersion (Mexico City area)


San Isidrio



Manual Antonio

San Jose






Buenos Aires

Frequently Asked questions

What are my responsibilities as chaperone?

You will be involved in screening the students and preparing them for the experience. As the chaperone, you will guide your students traveling to the destination and back home and be available to support them throughout their stay.

How many students do I need for a group?

We usually aim for a minimum group size of ten students, but we can customize a program for a smaller group.

What age ranges does ANDEO work with?

We have experience organizing programs for middle school students, high school students, college age students, and adults.

Does it cost to travel as a chaperone?

No, your airfare and program expenses will be distributed among your students. If you prefer to cover all or part of your own cost, the program fee for the students will be lower.

Can I speak with teachers who have taken their students abroad with ANDEO?

Definitely! Please contact our office and we can provide you with the email addresses of previous chaperones.

I'd like to learn more, what's the next step?

Send an email to Rebecca at describing where you'd like to go, how long you'd like to stay, whether your students would like classes and activities or a straight homestay, and a general estimate of your budget. We'll get back to you with a quick quote.