School Visitor Program

Invite a teen from France, Spain, or Mexico to join your classes for 3 - 4 weeks this winter or spring. Make a new friend as you build global citizenship skills and learn about the world.

2020 spring hosting dates


  • February 1 to February 20: Teens from Paris, France (ages 14-17)
  • April 8 to April 27: Teens from Annecy, France (ages 14-17)


  • February 1 to February 28: Teens from Madrid, Spain (ages 13-17)


  • April 8 to April 20: Middle school students from Mexico (ages 12-15)

Through our school visitor program, language classes come to life as your students practice speaking with a teen from France, Spain, and Mexico! Welcoming these visitors into your classroom for a couple weeks gives your students the opportunity to learn from thoughtful and dynamic international teens who are eager to share their language and culture. The visiting teens love to assist in class, and we encourage teachers to fit them into the curriculum with activities such as conversation groups, pronunciation help, Q&A about the life of a teen abroad, or participation in skits.

During their stay, the visitors live with families within your school community and shadow their host brother or sister at school. We work closely with teachers and administrators to find the host families, answer questions, obtain school approval, and provide ongoing support.

what teachers are saying:

"Jean and Sandrine were a delight. They were gracious, made friends easily, helpful in class, generous with their time. Our school was a richer place for having them with us. Your excellent reputation for finding wonderful foreign students for our families to host has been confirmed. It was a pleasure.” - Jon Broderick, Seaside HS

“I can’t tell you how wonderful all of the students were who came here. They did a great job of dispelling the various French stereotypes that I struggle against each year. In addition they were all warm, outgoing, and generous in sharing with our students.” - Kari Kaldhal, Sandy HS

Frequently Asked questions

What are the educational benefits for my school?

Over the past ten years that ANDEO has been coordinating this program, many teachers and school administrators have told us how enriching it has been to have these motivated teens join their school communities for a few weeks. The international visitors come prepared to share their culture as well as information about their country and help out in class according to teachers' requests. For example, in a social studies class, students might add cultural insights to group discussions; in foreign language classes, they could give presentations about life in France or Spain, act as conversation partners, and more! When the visitors are not called to participate, they are ready to quietly observe, work on a project, or read a book. Teachers report an increased level of student interest and engagement in their language classes following the school visit.

What is expected of the international visitors?

The visitors are expected to shadow their host brother or sister during the day, abide by all of your school rules, and participate as teachers request. Before leaving their home country, the students attend an orientation designed to help them adapt to life in an American school and host family.

Our school doesn't offer French or Spanish classes. Can we still participate?

Yes! It's always great for American students to learn about other cultures.

What about medical insurance, immunizations, and visas?

The students are covered by comprehensive medical and accident insurance, and they also submit complete vaccination records. The students enter the U.S. as tourists under the visa waiver program. Since they are here to visit your school, not be enrolled, they don't need a visa.

What if a problem comes up?

Contact ANDEO! Our bilingual staff and the students' group leaders are always available to help. We will remove disruptive visitors from your school.

How can my school participate?

We will need approval from school administrators for school shadow visitors. Please have your school administrators fill out our online Approval Form, and indicate how many school visitors your school is able to accommodate. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like us to contact your school administration directly!