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This is a Social Studies 'Adopt A Country' Project that incorporates the use of GSuite Sites, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Graphs, Forms, Maps and more. Extensions activities include YouTube, Blogger and More! This project could easily be modified to accommodate other subjects, integrated curriculum, and specific units of study. The PAC Instructions Site provides students with instructions, rubrics, links, examples and more to help them navigate through the project. Individual assignments may also be posted in Google Classroom for feedback and grading before adding to PAC Portfolio. Thank you to J. Blike for allowing us to share your outstanding project!

Guatemala National Anthem

For the country study project, I chose to research Guatemala. I chose Guatemala, because I wished to learn more about the arts, cuisine, economy, languages, religions, and people of Guatemala. The first thing that I did was create a graphic organizer about what I already knew about Guatemala and what I hoped to learn. I began my research of this country, by viewing all the statistics of Guatemala, which I later used to write a statistics essay and make several graphs comparing the statistics of Guatemala to the US. The graphs I made compared Guatemala's GDP, language diversity, literacy rate, and population density to that of the US.

The next thing that I researched was eight major tourist attractions in Guatemala from three different cities. I then used that information to write an itinerary of my country. I also used Google Earth to locate the tourist attractions that I wrote about in my itinerary. After I completed my itinerary, I moved on to a different aspect of my country, the physical and political features. In order to display this information, I made a physical map and a political map.

When I had finished with my political and physical maps of my country, I decided to write a biography about an important person from Guatemala. I chose to write about Tecun Uman, a famous war hero of the Battle of El Pinal. After I finished my biography I started a timeline on the important events in Guatemala's history. This included how it was founded, how it established its government, and how it got where it is today.

Next I wrote an essay about the cultural practices in Guatemala., including traditional dress, music, holidays, and leisure time activities. After that I made a Glog of the plants and animal life that exist in Guatemala. Then, as a final addition to my Adopt a Country project, I researched different native recipes from my country and picked two: Pepian de Pollo and Oven Baked Plantains.

Flag Image: http://www.linkonlearning.com/public/anthems/images/Guatemala_flag.jpg