Our Work

A Look Into Our History

Since 2003, our collaborative team already was active and has worked together to create performing arts projects that reflect Asian American perspectives.

Together we had produced an original Asian American Musical, The Story of the Temple Street, at the 2004 Fringe Festival. It portrayed an immigrant family’s struggle to make ends meet, and the Asian teens’ frustrations in getting caught between cultures.

In the 2005 Fringe Festival, Shanghai Extravaganza, was another success. It reflected the Pan Asian elders’ memories of homelands before migrating to the U.S. Again, for the 2006 Fringe Festival, we presented a Chinese Dance Musical, Dragon Odyssey.

The peak was at the 2007 festival with a full audience cheering enthusiastically for the MN Sunshine Dance performance, Medusa’s Riddle: Fresh off the Boat.

In 2009 and 2010, the collaborative was invited to perform at the, Shandong Int’l Youngsters’ Culture Festival.

Our International Travels

Since 2009, PAAA has hosted annual cultural exchange tours to support local youth of color to showcase American Hip Hop culture worldwide. Our youth of color delegations represented USA have visited China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Our recent performances include Yilan Children's Arts Festival in Taiwan (2017) and Gangneung Junior Arts Festival in South Korea (2018).

Our Annual Events

We've hosted the Pan Asian Arts Festival since 2011, with great community support and participation. Since then, we've hosted this annual showcase at the Mall of America every May to celebrate the Pan Asian Heritage month. We've put this event on pause in caution of the pandemic. We hope to have a comeback in May 2023!

Since 2017, PAAA has expanded to work with diverse cultural performing arts groups, and curated the Generation Z Project to showcase youth talents. Aside from professionals, community members (many were novice performers) were invited to participate in these productions. The success of these performances displays the high level of professionalism and collaborative works among artists and the endless commitment from community members and youth.