Our Work

A Look Into Our History

Our collaborative team has been active since 2003 and has worked together to create performing arts projects that reflect Asian American perspectives.

In 2004, we collaborated to create an original musical called The Story of Temple Street for the Fringe Festival. The play depicted the challenges faced by an immigrant family as they tried to make ends meet, and the difficulties experienced by Asian teenagers as they tried to reconcile their dual cultural identities.

In the 2005 Fringe Festival, the Shanghai Extravaganza was another success. It reflected the memories of Pan-Asian elders before migrating to the U.S. For the 2006 Fringe Festival, we presented Dragon Odyssey, a Chinese dance musical.

The peak audience turnout was in 2007, cheering enthusiastically for MN Sunshine Dance performance of Medusa’s Riddle: Fresh off the Boat.

Our International Travels

Since 2009, PAAA has organized cultural exchange tours to showcase Asian-American and Hip Hop culture worldwide. These tours support local youth of color, and our delegations have visited China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Our recent performances include Yilan Children's Arts Festival in Taiwan (2017) and Gangneung Junior Arts Festival in South Korea (2018).

Our Annual Events

We have been proudly hosting the annual Pan Asian Arts Festival since 2011. This festival is a vibrant tribute to Pan Asian Heritage Month which takes place in May every year. Over the years, our community has passionately embraced and engaged with this celebration. 

In 2017, we embarked on an exciting expansion by collaborating with a rich tapestry of cultural performing arts groups. Together, we launched the Generation Z Project, which is a platform dedicated to spotlighting the remarkable talents of our youth. 

However, due to the pandemic, our plans were disrupted, which caused a temporary pause on these beloved annual endeavors. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic about resurrecting these projects in the near future. Our tradition of fostering cultural exchange and artistic expression will continue.