About Us

Since 2003, Pan Asian Arts Alliance have been serving diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander communities through the Pan Asian Arts Alliance. Each year, we take the stage for over 20,000 audiences, sharing the beauty and richness of our cultural heritage. Our commitment extends beyond performances, we've also supported over 300 young dancers, nurturing their talents and passion for the arts.

At the heart of our mission lies collaboration. As a collective effort, we strive to foster appreciation and active involvement in Pan Asian Performing Arts, embracing both traditional and modern forms. Through preservation, education, and captivating performances, we aim to ignite a deep connection and understanding of our cultural tapestry.

Our Mission

Located in the Twin Cities, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, in Minnesota.

Let's connect!

Searching for performers for your next event? Searching for events to perform at? Want to get involved? We're always looking to expand our community outreach. 

Send us an email at event@panasianartsalliance.org.