Who Are We

Pan Asian Arts Alliance has served diverse Asian American and Pacific Islanders since 2003, with more than 20,000+ audiences and 300+ young dancers annually, and supported different AAPI performing arts.

Pan Asian Arts Alliance (PAAA) collaborative strives to engage individuals and diverse communities in appreciation of Pan Asian Performing Arts (traditional and modern) through preservation, education, and performances.

PAAA Strives To

  1. Engage individuals and the community in understanding the lives of immigrants/refugees - their joys, struggles, and the cultural enrichment they bring to the society at large through master artists workshops and discussion forums.

  2. Reduce barriers and build a platform through multidisciplinary arts to exchange, inspire positive dialogues, and integration of diverse cultures for EQUITY through international exchange projects.

  3. Provide opportunities for low income youth to actively interact with one another through acting, dancing, and singing classes.

  4. Support anti-racism rallies and commemorations with performances, testimonies, and speeches.

Located in the Twin Cities, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, in Minnesota.

Let's connect!

Searching for performers for your next event? Searching for events to perform at? Want to get involved? We're always looking to expand our community outreach.

Send us an email at event@panasianartsalliance.org.