The Off Broadway Theatre 

The Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
The Off-Broadway Theater enhances and advocates artistic excellence through a valuable insight into our humanity, the opportunity to embody and express social reality, and the reflection on community and personal identity. 

Our Vision:
The strategic vision of the Off-Broadway Theatre is to foster educational excellence in and through the art of theatre. This vision is carried out by the faculty and staff of Shadow Creek High School through artistry and engagement. This vision builds on the core values of Alvin ISD that contribute to the educational experience and embrace teaching, scholarly/creative work, and service by (1) involving and strengthening students, faculty, staff, and community; (2) enhancing the community in and through the arts; (3) providing for the advancement of knowledge; and (4) advocating for the arts and for a culturally rich environment.

To support our vision, we offer the following goals: