Harby jUnior High Choir


The G. W. Harby Junior High Choir program is designed to introduce students to live ensemble and solo singing performance and basic music theory skills. All choirs focus on establishing a firm foundation for advancement to higher level ensembles. Team building, relationships, and creative expression of each unique personality are an integral part of our program. The acquisition of musicianship skills within the G.W. Harby Junior High classroom is accompanied by learning self-discipline, organization skills, cooperation and hard work.


1st period- Conference

2nd period- intermediate Tenor/Bass

3rd period- intermediate treble

4th period- varsity tenor/Bass

5th Period- Varsity Treble

6th Period- Beginner Tenor/Bass

7th period- Beginner treble


Below are links to forms/important information.

Student sites

  • 2nd period google classroom: 2pj6csj

  • 3rd period google classroom: 7ckemap

  • 4th period google classroom: 42chlz4

  • 5th period google classroom: svllxz3

  • 6th period google classroom: lg2gkyl

  • 7th period google classroom: bp6asdv