English IV and APA English II

Roy Davis II

A Different World

Roy Davis II

College: Texas A&M University, College Station (C/O '92) BS: Psychology (Minor: Marketing)

Email: rdavis@alvinisd.net

Phone: 281-245-3800 ext. 6615

Direct Contact Number: (832) 315-5634 [Use this number between the after school hours from 3:30 until 5:30 pm. Gentle Reminder: This number is only available until 5:30 pm.]

Welcome Messages


To the Seniors in English VI: I am here to assist our seniors this year in clearing or improving their 20/21 vision! (You see what I did there? If you are a Senior, you are the Class of 2021, and the future is definitely not as clear as we would like it to be!) To that end, we will spend this year working to prepare ourselves for the things that we strive to achieve in our post-high school lives. High standards will be held in this class and the expectations will be equally high. I'm looking forward to helping you along this journey, so "Let's Go"!


To the Sophomores in APA English II: Welcome to APA English II! I am really excited to join you on this journey as we dive deeply into literature and composition. I hope that you have a real love of reading. If you do not, it is my belief that we can change that in short order because this class will be rigorous and ENGAGING! Trust me, those two characteristics are NOT mutually exclusive. I look forward to useful conversations and investigations into how literature informs and is informed by the events we see in everyday life. I also look forward to hearing your voices grow in depth and experience through your writing and speaking. (That's a reward of teaching! đŸ˜‰) Again, welcome to APA English II. Let's dig in!