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We welcome any help in spreading the word about the initiative. If you would like to write an article or record an interview about the Lockdown Economy, please connect.


Important part of our efforts is directed onto educating the new generation of students of business, economics, social studies and other disciplines using the content of the Lockdown Economy. That will prepare them for the new economy and give them a reality check on what is possible in the current world. We have many ways and ideas on what can be done. That is where we count on your support and your choice of the way forward.

We welcome educational institutions and non-profit organizations to collaborate with us on bringing the Lockdown Economy to students worldwide.

  • The interview series can be incorporated into existing curriculums as study materials.

  • We can co-design a special course for your university based on the Lockdown Economy for the next semester. The course can include cooperation between students and small business owners featured in the interviews. We have done the pilot of that course with the MBA program of the Anahuac Mayab University (Mexico).

  • We plan to produce an online course in collaboration with several universities. We have not started yet.

  • Given the wealth of the material produced, the Lockdown Economy can be an excellent project for PhD research or a Master’s thesis in several disciplines.

  • We would be happy to onboard students to help us launch the Lockdown Economy locally, as part of the extracurricular activities.


Any organization, NGO or network of entrepreneurs can help us with the propagation and planning of new interviews. It can also host Lockdown Economy interviews with their own members. That way they immediately gain visibility through a global social movement and we continue collecting real-time information from real entrepreneurs.

If you would like to host Lockdown Economy interviews with the members of your organization:

  • You or one of your teammates would host 1-2 interviews per week.

  • The interviews will be done in the format of Lockdown Economy, addressing the challenges of the small businesses during the pandemic.

  • The guests of the interviews will be entrepreneurs already registered in your organization

  • The interviews will be done live through our StreamYard account and aired on our Social media.

  • Every video will have both your and our logo at the top.

  • The host will be able to say that this local edition is done with the support of your organization.

  • Since your guests will invite their friends to watch it and we have our audience, it will be an implicit promotion for your organization.


In collecting this real-time information from entrepreneurs worldwide, we rely heavily on digital technology. Our volunteers are doing recording from their own devices which often are several years old and do not meet the technical requirements for recording high-quality content. We welcome in-kind donations that can help our volunteers in recording the interviews: laptops, mics, lighting equipment, cameras, and other equipment that you would like to donate.

We also welcome collaborations with online services that can help us promote the initiative, edit and design the visual materials, and collaborate with a remote team on four continents.

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