A CTE Career Pathway is a sequence of courses within a student's area of interest

that connects to career interests and serves as an educational roadmap leading to a credential.

Save money and time!

Make connections and be involved!

Be recognized

  • Pathway Completers are recognized at a special luncheon
  • Pathway Completers wear white chords at graduation

A Career Pathway consists of 3.0 credits that help a student acquire a balanced skill set in a certain area of interest. One or two of the credits are Foundation Courses and are required. The remainder are electives allowing students to choose which classes suit their needs best. Some of these classes are Concurrent Enrollment or Distance Ed classes -- so both High School and College credit will be earned.

While Utah has 50 different Pathways, each high school has a select number dependent upon courses currently being taught.

Lone Peak Pathways fall in the following seven areas of study (select each Pathway for more information):

2018-19 Lone Peak Pathways
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