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Choir Teacher Mission Statement AND Grading Philosophy

My Choir Teacher Mission Statement:

  • Make Music Together - Sing. A lot!

  • Teach my students to Fish - Teach my students to be independent musicians.

  • Love my students - Help my students know that I care about them

  • Have Joy - Enjoy singing and life!

Grading Philosophy

First, I believe in learning and I believe that students should be given the help and support they need to learn. I will do everything that I can within the time, support and funding that I have as a choir teacher, to help your student learn.

This means that if they are willing to work, lower grades can always be raised once they learn the concepts (even after term ends), and I will do all I can to support them in reaching the level or grade that they want to reach. The sooner, the better. If students procrastinate, it will require more work. Please come talk to me during CaveTime or before/after school as soon as you realize you need to make up learning.

Second, the student's overall grade will be based on how well they know and are able to do a few major standards in choir. They will be graded in each standard (or area) with a 0-4 grade. These grades communicate the following:

0 - The student is not trying, was not present, or the assignment was not completed

1 - The student is trying but does not know the concept or is not demonstrating the skill

2 - The student partially knows the concept or is partially demonstrating the skill

3 - The student knows the concept or is demonstrating the skill

4 - The student has advanced knowledge of the concept or is able to do other things while demonstrating the skill


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