ACS Technology


The Department of Information Technology at Almont Community Schools is committed to giving every student in the district the best possible learning tools the world has to offer today through the adoption of groundbreaking new technologies and the utilization of dedicated support staff necessary to keep the district's technology up-to-date and running smoothly.

Student Devices


The younger kids in the district (BK - 2) have access to classroom sets of iPads that they utilize at the teacher's discretion. The kids can play educational games, watch videos about the topics they're currently discussing in class, or do some reading in their online textbook environment.


The rest of the primary school kids (3 - 4) have access to classroom sets of Chromebooks, which are handled similarly to the sets of iPads, while the middle and high school students (5 - 12) are given one Chromebook each that they can take home to finish their homework, study for their next exam, or browse the internet for new and interesting topics.