Healthier you and planet made easy.

As women, we want to make the best health decisions for ourselves and our families. Today, there is an extra challenge: the environment.

From choosing what to eat, to finding time for the right workout, to lowering your carbon footprint, navigating our physical, emotional, and environmental health can be overwhelming and confusing.

Almma's app is here to help by simplifying your holistic health choices and supporting your wellness journey with personalized, on-time, actionable information and a supporting community.

Healthy, sustainable, science-based guidance in your pocket.

Nutrition: Groceries, recipes, best restaurant choices, and menu items we know you will like.

Our cycle: The effect of our hormones on our overall health and sustainable period care.

Physical activity:
Recommendations that align our daily activities to our energy, mood, and the weather.

Strategies to sleep better like the best time for you to turn off your screens and breathing techniques.

Mindfulness and mindset:
Ways you can meditate, pray, and be mindful to change how you approach your daily choices and sense of self.

On and offline events with a like-minded community.

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