Our mission  is to encourage peoople on their personal holistic health journeys through knowledge, support and a caring community while healing our relationship with the environment.

The vision is a future where people are empowered to make healthier choices for themselves and the environment.


The soul the principle of life, feeling, thought and action. Almma means “soul” in spanish. This is our core value, because its our vital force, our sense of purpose and our essence. 

We are passionate and strong yet caring to one another and to ourselves. 

We want everyone working at Almma to resonate with this spark within them, knowing that we are giving back something good to the world and therefore, ourselves.


To wonder is to feel amazement and admiration by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.

In Almma, this wonder for life makes us curious: always exploring, investigating, learning, building knowledge, questioning the norms.

We study with rigour and a sense of wonder everything that surrounds us, so we can create new futures together. This means looking at data, talking constantly to our end users, and diving deep into the problems we are solving.


Biodiversity is the biological variety and variability of life on Earth. This abundance of diversity is what makes life thrive.

In Almma, we are all very different, and therefore strong. Each component is unique for our mutual growth and beauty as a whole.

We are interconnected with ourselves and our environment. We know that being diverse and equal means creating a better product and value for our users.


Translucent is a characteristic in living beings that permits the passage of light.

In Almma, we openly share and learn from each others work and mistakes.

From ourselves to our users, all of our processes, dynamics, interactions and structures are see-through.


We are a regenerative community that grows through humility, sustainability and justice. We work together and support each other even when we may have different opinions.

We encourage honesty, taking risks and learning for our mistakes which helps us continue to grow and improve. We approach our setbacks as an opportunity to positively adjust and move into the future. 

Ashley Duqué Kienzle

Ashley is an expert in the application of AI in Behavior Change. She has built and led teams at Accenture, Capital One, Facebook, Amazon, Babylon Health, and Changing Health where she's helped define and scale digital innovations across the globe.