Google Apps with Math Activities

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Copy of Four 4's

Four 4's

Google Slides allows students to show their work multiple ways including with Video, EquatIO, drawing shapes, text boxes, inserting pictures and more.

Sample How Close to 100 game

Make 100

A focus on fluency over fast. This Google Sheets representation of the activity allows students to easily play anytime or to find a partner. Can play with people who are not nearby.

Sample of Brownies

Boaler Brownies

Valuing multiple approaches and understanding of the concepts. Sheets allow students to customize the problem with their name and to try out different situations. Students can customize their own brownie pans.

Sample Squares to Stairs Adapted from YouCubed

Stairs to Squares

Google Sheets. Develop critical thinking. Let students think, get feedback and think some more.

Make Math Digital with EquatIO Chrome Extension

Download for Chrome

Free 30 day trial. $100 annual license. Price significantly drops with a site license.