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  • M/T/W CoffeeEDU 6am
  • M MaxCases Booth book signing/giveaway (booth 2538)
  • T/W ViewSonic Booth presentation and book giveaway (booth 1232)
  • T Presentation: YouCubed activities with Google Apps and Jo Boaler

6am CoffeeEDU Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday

Dare I call this the best part of ISTE? It's certainly my favorite. Some of the BEST educators show up at 6am, it's worth it. Come join us! TenMarks Education, an Amazon Company is sponsoring coffee so how can you go wrong?

CoffeeEDU is a ONE HOUR (exactly) meet up unconference.

Book Signing at the MaxCases Booth 2538

Monday 1pm - 3pm

To receive a free copy of one of my books take a picture at the book signing in the booth and post on social media and Follow @maxcases on Twitter.

Tuesday 1pm

Catch John Stevens and win a copy of his awesome book "Table Talk Math"

Presentations in the ViewSonic Booth 1232

15 minute presentations in the booth with some time to answer questions.


10:15AM: Teaching Math with Google Apps

11:15AM: Google Classroom Tips

12:15PM: Creating Math Manipulatives Using Google Slides

1:15PM Increase DOK with Google Apps

Wednesday 6/28

10:15AM Increase DOK with Google Apps

11:15AM Google Slides: Reflect on Your Learning

12:15PM: Teaching Math with Google Apps

1:15PM: Google Classroom Tips

#ISTE17 Google Apps w/ YouCubed Math Activities Presented with Jo Boaler via Google Hangout

Tuesday 6/27

4:15PM Stars Ballroom 4

Discover how to teach math with Google Apps. We'll demonstrate the innovative math activities from and how they can be utilized using Google products.

NOTE: Jo Boaler will be participating remotely via video.

Google Apps with Math Activities

Alice Keeler Books

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Ditch that Homework with Matt Miller and Alice Keeler

Google Apps for Littles with Christine Pinto and Alice Keeler

Beyond ISTE

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