College Prep 101


Welcome to the Counseling for Seniors 101 website. Here you will find important information regarding college prep, scholarships and financial aid. 

Alexander College Board High School Code: 330110

This code will be needed for college applications, SAT's, ACT's and financial planning. 

Transcripts are an integral part of the application process and may be obtained from the Counseling Center. There is no cost for the transcript to the student or post student registering for college. If a student is registering at a college, the college will request the students transcript. 

Students that are in high school will need to fill out a transcript request form from the Counseling Office.

The transcript will then be sent to the college indicated on the form. One form per college will need to be filled out. Prospective students that are no longer in high school may contact the Counseling Center by email at or by calling (585) 591-1551 ext. 2051 to request that their transcript be sent. Most colleges request that transcripts come directly from the school that is furnishing it. 

College applications are, for the most part, filled out online. Students will go online to the colleges that they are considering attending. Once a student has applied, they will have then formed a profile for that school. Once their profile is available colleges will begin requesting other information such as financial aid, transcripts and any applicable scholarships.  

College entrance exams include the ACT and SAT. These are usually taken at the end of students high school career. Students will need to register on-line for these tests and they will need our high school code: 330110. Please refer to the College Entrance Exams tab at the top of this page for more information regarding the exams and the links that will take you to their respective site. 

Financial Aid is applied for. Most financial aid falls under FAFSA (Free Application Federal Student Aid) and TAP (Tuition Assistance Program). Genesee Community College also does a seminar out of Attica High School regarding the specifics of applying for financial aid. This usually takes place in November. Students will be notified of date and time in school and it will be stated on the Financial Aid Tab at the top of this page.   School counselors do not assist with financial aid planning. Most colleges have staff on hand to assist with the application process.

Scholarships can help with student financing of college. There are several ways of obtaining scholarship applications. Most colleges offer scholarships to be used towards  tuition so, always check with your college to see if anything is available. High schools  too, have  scholarship opportunities available to students . There are also various scholarship websites on the internet. Check out the Scholarships tab at the top of this page for more information.