Outdoor Classroom

Welcome to the Alexander Outdoor Classroom


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You are invited to the outdoor classroom's

Fall Fun Run and 6th birthday celebration.

For more information click on the Fall Fun Run flier.


This summer as a part of our school’s summer recreation program, children in kindergarten through fifth grade came to the outdoor classroom for a variety of activities including cooking, gardening, story time, science, art, and music. Karen LaDuke, middle/high school art teacher volunteered her time to teach a lesson about Andy Goldsworthy, a British artist known for his installations involving natural materials. Children created their own land art using natural objects found in the outdoor classroom. They were able use school district’s cameras to document their work.


With funding from the PEP grant we were able to add a water station. This large, triple-tiered water channel with it's removable dams allows kids to experiment with volume and velocity while preventing overflow. As soon as we turned on the water it was an immediate hit! Children enjoy exploring with the removable dams and pouring and lifting using water toys.


Funding from the PEP great allowed us to add five fitness stations adjacent to the fitness path.


Mrs. Erica Swinehart's middle school reading class with the assistance of Mrs. Kristie Miller, school media specialist, has created a StoryWalk in the outdoor classroom. A StoryWalk is a book that has been disassembled, laminated and presented page by page on a trail, bike path, or walkway to promote reading and exercise. Our StoryWalk follows the path that surrounds the meadow at the rear of the outdoor classroom. Stories will change periodically.

Weeders Wanted

The outdoor classroom committee is seeking volunteers to help maintain our gardens. Keeping up with weeding is especially challenging during the summer months. Volunteers are welcome any time. If you have questions, email Ellie Jinks at ejink@alexandercsd.org.