To participate in the International Informatics Olympiad in Teams is really simple.

Regular member:

If you want to be a Leader School in your Nation, just subscribe the Regular Member application and send it us with also the letter of intent in attach.

Download the Letter of intent - Download the Regular member application

Please send the application and the letter signed to:


If you want to use our problems also for your national championship, the first contest usually is in October, so we need your subscription as soon as possible and by the middle of September.

If you organize your championship by yourself, you don't have to stand to these dates of course. Just remeber: you should have your National Final contest by the end of March.

Guest team:

If you want to participate as Guest team only in the International final contest, just fill the application form

If you are only a team and want to participate in your nation championship, you should contact your Nation Leader School.

For ITALY, please send it to:

For ROMANIA, please send it to:

For RUSSIA, please send it to: work-in-progress

Useful materials:

Download the 4th edition regulations - Download the Syllabus