Mrs Lentz

Contact Info:

If a student is stuck on something (given it 20-30 minutes), EMAIL ME! I will respond usually within the hour. If my email doesn't clarify things, stop and we can work on it together the next day.

  • 319-842-2263 (AHS office- we do not have phones in room)

Grading/Retake Policies:

Please see individual course for those

About me...

Hello, I am Brianna Lentz. This is my third year teaching at Alburnett.

I graduated from Mt. Mercy with a double major in Mathematics and Secondary education.

Prior to finishing my degrees, I was a General Manager for Perkins Restaurants for 10 years, then worked in New Business at Transamerica for 5 years.

My husband and I have been married for 14 years (this September) and have two beautiful daughters, Isabella and Olivia. I love being with my family and home improvement projects! We currently live in Marion.

About my math philosophy....

When I tell people what I teach, almost everyone’s reaction is, “Seriously! I hated math!" or "I was/am terrible at math!!”

Let's clear this up now. Do some things come easier to some people more than others... sure. Can I play volleyball like Kerri Walsh-Jennings... no, but it doesn't mean I am terrible at volleyball! And the more I practice, the better I will become. Changing your wording is one of the most powerful things you can do to have a positive influence on your kids. By not sharing the terrible experience you may have had in a subject, it changes the perception students have about that subject.

I want students to know that math is interesting, powerful and influential. I want to build students' confidence in learning. I want students to make mistakes, and learn from them.

Why do I have to learn this? (one of my favorite questions)...

If we look beyond career specific skills, everyday living; Computing sales, car/home loans, budgeting, investments, cooking, baking, etc. Just being able to survive and prosper in our society requires much more mathematical understanding than it ever did.

Second for me, is problem solving or logical thinking. Will you need to know the geometry theorems daily? Probably not. What you will use, is how do you problem solve. If you are given a set of information, what do you do with it? Define the problem, think of ways to solve it, implement a solution, and evaluate the results. ALL employers are looking for people who can think logically and can be great problem solvers.