Meet the Scientist

Arctic & Earth SIGNs "Meet a NASA Scientist" sessions are designed to provide an opportunity for youth and educators to connect in real time with a NASA scientist and discuss topics of mutual interest. The sessions are delivered through a partnership with the NASA Langley Research Center and are facilitated by Bonnie Murray, NASA Education Specialist.

Meet Dr. Joey Comiso

Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Key Topics:

  • Becoming a Scientist
  • Polar Ice Research

Read more about Joey and his sea ice research

MEET Joy Ng & Julie Malingowski

SnowEx Project Collaborators from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Joy) and NOAA National Weather Service (Julie)

Key Topics:

  • Science Careers in Communication and Research
  • SnowEx Campaign
  • Snow and Water Cycle

Read more about Joy and Julie and the SnowEx Campaign

MEET Dr. Marilee Roel

Atmospheric Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center helping lead the Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III on International Space Station (SAGE III)

Key Topics:

  • Journey to a NASA science career
  • SAGE III research
  • Ozone and atmosphere and climate change

Read more about the SAGE III

MEET Dr. Dave Verbyla

Remote Sensing Scientist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Dave works on NASA funded research projects (among many others) using GIS and NASA's Landsat to analyze historic trends in a changing Alaska.

Dave has done two meet the scientist sessions with Arctic and Earth SIGNs classrooms, courses, and afterschool clubs.

Key Topics:

  • Landsat research
  • Measuring snow and plants from space
  • NASA Earth Observatory

Read more about the Dr. Verbyla's work

Meet Dr. Kenji Yoshikawa

Permafrost Scientist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Kenji is the creator of the GLOBE Frost Tube protocol to monitor the changes in the seasonal freezing and thawing dynamics of the soil. He has traveled to every village, town, and city in Alaska to install frost tubes.

Key Topics:

  • Permafrost and Soil Active Layer research
  • GLOBE Frost Tube

Read more about the Dr. Yoshikawa's work, or meet his superhero alter ego "Tunnel Man."

Meet Dr. Kelly Brunt

Cryospheric scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Kelly Brunt is one of the scientists on the ICESat-2 mission, which will investigate why, and how much, our cryosphere (forzen parts of the earth system) is changing in a warming climate.

Kelly delivered two sessions for Arctic and Earth SIGNs communities.

Key Topics:

  • Snow, ice, and permafrost research
  • Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) Mission
  • GLOBE Cryosphere

Read more about Kelly and the ICESat-2 mission. or watch a video about Kelly and her team's Antarctic science traverse!

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