About the CyberSmart Curriculum

Being Cybersmart empowers our learners as connected citizens. When their learning is visible and accessible, anytime, any place, at any pace, our young people learn to make smart decisions and understand that every time they connect, collaborate and share online it combines to create their digital footprint.

In their first year of digital immersion, each student undertakes a full Cybersmart programme of learning. After the first year, the class teacher is then responsible for delivering one hour per week of Cybersmart content. The programme focuses on positive decisions and interactions online, as well as making students more aware of the consequences of actions when using their device. The learning is based on Manaiakalani’s very robust Cybersmart programme.

This site is a work in progress. Resources and content will be continually updated as the year progresses. Cybersmart learning is embedded in our goals and strategic plan and supports the learn, create, share pedagogy. Learning content has been modified and adapted from Manaiakalani's CyberSmart Curriculum to fit the context of our learners.