Grade 7

The winner: Trash Eating Worms

by Le Thuc Dan (Sue), Denise Tavarone (Denise) and Pham Thai Han (Hannah).

And more projects:

  1. Effects of Different Liquids on Pea Growth
  2. Which Dung Creates the Most Biogas?
  3. Salt Water Energy
  4. Fruit Electricity
  5. Blood Clotting & Essential Oils
  6. Erosion Prevention
  7. Redeisgning Air Purification Masks
  8. Air Pollution & Attendance
  9. The Upcycled Electric Bicycle
  10. Hand-Made Air Purification System
  11. Falling Water Watermill
  12. Effects of Plants on Air Pollution
  13. Gender Equality Over Generations
  14. Different Liquids and Plant Height
  15. Redesigning Rainwater Purification
  16. Removing Trash from Our Oceans
  17. The Affordable Waste Composter
  18. Finding the Best Solar Oven Design
  19. Water Quality and Seed Germination
  20. Calories in Food
  21. Turning Food Waste into Fertilizer
  22. Anti-Plastic Bag Campain
  23. BMI & Fitness
  24. Trash Powered Electricity Generator
  25. Plant Growth: Soil and Cotton
  26. Vertical Gardening
  27. Water Filtration
  28. Trash-Eating Worms
  29. Alternative Waste System
  30. Speeding Up Green Onion Growth
  31. Improving Water Quality
  32. Comparing Water Filters