Grade 6

The winner: The effect of pH on Dissolving Styrofoam

by Dang Hoang Kim (Lynn), Luu Minh Anh (Lily) and Au Duong Thien Kim (Kim) .

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The Projects:

  1. Developing Organic Fertilizers
  2. Cleaning up Oil Spills
  3. Engineering Homemade Water Filters
  4. Developing Soil Hydration in Plant Growth
  5. Exploring Mouthwash Effectiveness
  6. Proving the 5-Second Rule
  7. Effects of Light on Succulent Plant Growth
  8. Effects of Wastewater on Flower Growth
  9. Effects of Pollution on Water Ecosystems
  10. Monitoring the effects of Soil Erosion
  11. Effects of Ph on Dissolving Plastics
  12. Water Conservation in Plant Growth
  13. Relative Efffects of Ph on Mung Beans
  14. Monitoring C02 Emissions
  15. Effects of Water Temperature on Houseplants
  16. Comparing Voltage of Fruit Batteries
  17. Monitoring CO2 Emissions from Vehicles
  18. Engineering Hydro-gels
  19. Monitoring Decompostion of Foods
  20. Effects of Wastewater on Green Beans
  21. Monitoring the Absorbtion of Sound
  22. Measuring Salinty of Local Rivers
  23. Testing Water Quality of Water Filters
  24. Minimizing the Impact of Oil Spills
  25. Efficency of Plastic Water Turbines
  26. Effects of Ph on Algal Growth
  27. Effects of Salinity on Plant Growth
  28. Engineering Organic Fertilizers
  29. Engneering Air-Filters
  30. Solar Powered Water Desalination
  31. Effects of Air-Conditioning on Plant Growth
  32. Investigating Climate Change
  33. Plants Vs Soil
  34. Solar Panels vs Batteries

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