Science Fair 2018

It was a fantastic show to see the 110 projects from Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 9, Grade 10 and Grade 11 together with the 19 different Grade 8 Rube Goldberg Machines! The two hours were not enough to discover all the different projects - that's why we try to cover them here. Thanks to all who helped organizing this event!

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The Winners of the Competition

The winner of Grade 6: The effect of pH on Dissolving Styrofoam

by Dang Hoang Kim (Lynn), Luu Minh Anh (Lily) and Au Duong Thien Kim (Kim) .

The winner of Grade 7: Trash Eating Worms

by Le Thuc Dan (Sue), Denise Tavarone (Denise) and Pham Thai Han (Hannah).

The winner of Grade 8: Nameless Rube Goldberg

by Nguyen Vo Minh Khoa (John), Ly Anh Hao (Harry), Tran Quang Khoi (Ben) and Ong Phu Thanh (James).

The winner of Grade 9: Sugar and Plants

by Truong Ngoc Cat Tuong (MyMy), Nguyen Tu Quyen (Quyen) and Nguyen Thanh An (Anne).

The winners of Grade 10: (1) Improving Roller Coaster Safety

by Pham Ngoc Hoang My (Naomi), Ngo Quoc Khoi (Bill) and Nguyen T. Mai Trang (Annie.T) .

The winners of Grade 10: (2) Energy in Different Size Potatoes

by Nguyen Nhat Anh (Sammy), Mai Chi Hieu (Hieu) and Huynh Quang Dat (David).

The winner of grade 11: Camera obscura

by Nguyen Ngoc Gia Nghi (Anna N.), Tang Thanh Vy (Mickey) and Vuong Kim Gia Han (Anna V.) .

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Science & STEM Fair 2018 Rubric& Investigation Method.pdf

This was the judging rubric on A3 for all projects from grade 6 to 11. The judges got a link to the following Google Forms to fill out. Maximum score: 100 points!

Fill out this Form!

Science fair rubric English

AIS Science fair 2018 judging rubric

Science fair rubric Vietnamese

Science Fair Judging Rubric 2018 Translation.docx

A month later at the Saigon STEAM Fair the AIS got 2nd and 3rd in the junior category:

No prize for seniors - at least not this year: