The AIMS House of Science is the coordination Hub of AIMS South Africa’s public engagement activities. Delivering public engagement and advancing leadership, knowledge and skills for scientific outreach and science communication in AIMS students and researchers. House of Science also provides mentoring and capacity building to enhance and up-scale AIMS students and researchers in research dissemination and community outreach.

Aims and Objectives

  • To build capacity and train AIMS students, researchers, academics and alumni so that they are better enabled, skilled and confident in undertaking public engagement activities, initiatives and community outreach.

  • To promote mathematics and science engagement with the broader community in Africa and showcasing the mathematical sciences and its applications research conducted at AIMS.

  • To stimulate young people’s interest to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and become the next generation of scientists, leaders and problem solvers.

  • To improve the participation, progression and retention rates of women and girls in STEM-related fields.

  • To conduct research studies on various topical issues on science/mathematics communication and gender in STEM in Africa.

To further enhance the programmatic delivery framework of the House of Science programmatic framework, House of Science has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with African Gong - the Pan-African Network for the Popularization of Science & Technology and Science Communication. The partnership with African Gong allows a joint delivery and implementation of three specific programmes, two conceptualized by African Gong and one by both AIMS and African Gong. These include:

Africa Scientifique: Leadership, Knowledge & Skills for Science Communication

A unique Training and Capacity-building programme designed for young and emerging African scientists, scholars and researchers (Masters’ and PhD’s students), to advance research expertise and capacity on the continent, and to build advanced skills, expertise and practice of science communication and research dissemination with publics in Africa.

Women Advancement Forum International Exchanges, Research & Academia (WAFIRA)

WAFIRA is a highly innovative and African-centric capacity-building and training programme designed to meet the leadership development, career aspirations and professional development needs of African Women in STEM, in academia and research. It is very unique, ‘Made in Africa’, by African women, for African women, and delivered by African women.

The Ishango Workshops on Mathematics Communication in Africa - “Communicating the ‘M’ in STEM in Africa’’.

The Ishango Workshops is a unique gathering of mathematical sciences researchers, practitioners, communicators, mathematical sciences users, science policymakers across South Africa to discuss and work together on current issues of public engagement and communication of mathematics and the impacts of mathematical sciences research in the African society.


AIMS House of Science Announcements

Latest News

The recent decade has seen the proliferation of the ‘public engagement’ agenda and the calls for actions from various governments and scientific institutions for scientists to engage with the broader society across a range of platforms as reflected in the science-policy frameworks, both in Africa and globally. For the Department of Science and Innovation Science Engagement Strategy and the 2019 White Paper on Science, Technology and Innovation, public science engagement in South Africa is positioned as a mandatory activity for scientists and organisations that receive public funding. But what are the factors that motivate and/or deter scientists’ interest and willingness to participate in Science Engagement activities such as science festivals?

The recently published paper on Why scientists agree to participate in science festivals: Evidence from South Africa provides practical insights into country-specific motivations for scientists to engage with a diverse range of audience in South Africa’s annual national science festival, Scifest Africa. Read More...

AIMS House of Science in partnership with African Gong conducted a 3-day Africa Scientifique Workshop for the AIMS Master’s students. The workshop took place from the 28 to 30 September at AIMS South Africa in Muizenberg. It was part of the Africa Scientifique (AS) 3-phase programme – Leadership, Knowledge & Skills for Science Communication. Phase 1 – an Introductory of the programme – was delivered online on the 22 July 2020. The 3-day workshop is being followed by Phase 3 – a 4-month Post-Workshop mentoring, and project activities support that will take place from October 2020 to January 2021. For information...

International Women in Mathematics Day

  • Date: 11. & 12 May 2022

  • Theme/Activities:

    • The Importance of Building and Sustaining Mentoring Relationships for Women's Advancement in Mathematical Sciences and in addressing Gender Equality for Sustainable Development.

    • Funding and Scholarship Application Good Practice Strategies

    • Social media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of addressing Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Mathematical Sciences

Africa Scientifique Introductory Workshop

Africa Scientifique Introductory Workshop

AIMS House of Science in partnership with African Gong will be conducting the Africa Scientifique Programme (Leadership, Knowledge & Skills for Science Communication) Introductory Workshop on , 25 February 2022.

Africa Scientifique Programme is delivered in three phases as follows:

  • Phase 1: Introduction to the AS Programme - An online webinar

  • Phase 2: AS Workshop delivered over 3 days (face-to-face)

  • Phase 3: Six-months Post-Workshop Mentoring & Project Activities’ Support (online & face-to-face)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

International Day of Mathematics 2021

Treasure Hunt “Quest of the Lost Fields Medal”

AIMS South Africa and CIMPA Present Online Treasure Hunt “Quest of the Lost Fields Medal”

  • Sunday, 14th March 2021 (pi day)

  • To participate visit on Sunday, 12:00 AM ( PHT) morning.

  • Participants: General Public (Age 16 and up)

  • Join us and watch emerging mathematicians around the world as they showcase their talents and passion for mathematics.

  • Let’s have Fun!

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Past Activities

Women Advancement in Mathematical Sciences: Webinar Series

  • 5 September: Ylaney Ramlall // Team Administrator (Constantia Insurance, Johannesburg, SA)

  • 5 September: Dr Fadekemi Osaye // Non-tenured Assistant Professor (Auburn University, USA)

  • 22 August : Siphokazi Gatyeni // PhD Candidate in Applied Mathematics (University of Johannesburg, SA)

  • 22 August : Dr Jummy David // Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Modelling (York University, Toronto, Canada)

  • 8 August : Jessica Phalafala // Quantitative Analyst, Prescient Investment Management & PhD candidate (AIMS South Africa )

  • 8 August : Dr. Angela Tabiri // AIMS-Google AI Postdoctoral Fellow ( AIMS-Ghana)

  • 25 July: Dr Milaine Sergine Seuneu Tchamga // Postdoctoral Fellow (AIMS South Africa)

  • 25 July: Comfort Mintah // PhD Candidate (University of Guelph, Canada)

  • 11 July: Dr Fadekemi Osaye // Non-tenured Assistant Professor (Auburn University, USA)

AIMS House of Science encourages and values the time, contribution, and participation of emerging or established researchers in its public engagement and community outreach programmes.

For more information about this programme please contact:

Dr Rejoyce Gavhi-Molefe ( or visit volunteer page

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