Advancing Science Communication (#SciComm) & Public Engagement at AIMS South Africa

for the Transformation Agenda and Societal Development

The AIMS House of Science is the coordination Hub of AIMS South Africa’s public engagement activities. Delivering public engagement and advancing leadership, knowledge, and skills for scientific outreach and science communication in AIMS students and researchers. House of Science also provides mentoring and capacity building to enhance and up-scale AIMS students and researchers in research dissemination and community outreach.


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2023 National Science Week Launch: AIMS Highlights Mathematics’ Contributions to the Modern World & Communication

On 22 July,  AIMS, through the House of Science, joined over 70 science, technology, and innovation (STI) exhibitors from universities, science councils, national research facilities, industry, science centres, government departments…For information...

🕮 New Book Chapter Alert!✨ 🕮

Science Communication in South Africa: Progress, Challenges and Transformative Scenarios for Engagement

Dr Rejoyce Gavhi-Molefe, House of Science Manager, co-authored the book chapter on Building Capacity for Science Communication in South Africa: Afrocentric Perspectives From Mathematical Scientists in a newly published book…For information...

Africa Day Celebrations: AIMS Inspires Muizenberg High School Students to Pursue STEM career pathways

On 25 May, AIMS celebrated Africa Day. It took the form of a Career Expo organised by Muizenberg Library. On the day, AIMS introduced Muizenberg High School learners to various… For information...

Advancing African Early-Career Women in Mathematical Sciences

House of Science, in collaboration with African Gong and the University of the Western Cape, convened a two-day (29-30 March 2023) Women’s advancement in mathematical sciences capacity-building workshop. 

For information...

2023 Africa Scientifique Programme Kick Off: Leadership, Knowledge and Skills for impactful Science Communication

The 2023 programme kicked off on 24 February with Phase 1: Introductory Workshop. 

 For information...

Public Dialogue: 2022 World Science Forum  Pre-Event at AIMS

AIMS Highlights Mathematics’ Contributions to Delivering Social Justice, Transformation and Sustainable Development  in Africa.  

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AIMS House of Science encourages and values the time, contribution and participation of students, researchers and academics in its public engagement and community outreach programmes. For more information about this programme please contact:

Dr Rejoyce Gavhi-Molefe ( or visit the volunteer page

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