Welcome to Kipling Class!

This class is led by Mr Le Sueur, in partnership with Mr Leach; our incredible TA!

Our motto is 'Perseverando' which from Latin translates to "Continuing". We work hard to ensure that we are improving and accept that mistakes are a vital part of the learning process.

What matters is that we continue onward in the face of Triumph and Disaster, as inspired by Rudyard Kipling, author of 'The Jungle Book' and his famous poem 'If'.

When you walk into our classroom, the first thing you will hear is relaxing music; we believe it centres and sharpens our minds.

Below you can find links to the various seasonal terms we have. Click on them to see what we are up to. Further down you can find resources relating to our current term and any relevant documents needed.

September - December 2018

January - April 2019

Key Information


Times Table Quiz. Children need to bring in their Times Table Target Grids to assess if they can move to their next Times Table Target.


P.E. kit required for work with Mrs Howard in the morning.


Spellings are tested; spelling books need to be on this day so that new spellings can be generated.


New spellings are sent home along with marked quizzes and spellings from the previous days.


P.E. kit required for work with Mr Leach in the afternoon.

How can I help my child at home?

Practise quick mathematical calculations.

Practise target timetables with grids provided or by using Times Table Rockstars (

Read regularly with your child and ask questions about what they have read.

Practise the spellings sent home.

Multiplication Grid.doc

Multiplication Grid up to 12x table.

We encourage the children to count forwards and backwards in equal steps to ensure they can tackle a variety of multiplication and division questions.

National Curriculum Spelling Lists Year 3 and 4

Please make sure you are regularly practising these spellings.