On this page you will find the policies relating to our academy.

If there is any information you can't find or you want further details on anything then please don't hesitate to ask.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy NTU 2019-20
Home and Community Policy NT & UTT 18-20
Behaviour & Discipline Policy NT & U Primary Academies v1
Anti-Bullying Policy NT & UTT 19-20 v1
Pastoral Care Policy NT&U Primary Academies 2018-2020 v1
NTU COVID-19 SEND Information Report
Marking and Feedback Policy NTH&U Primary Academies 2018-2020 v1
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Policy 2018-2020 v1
Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Policy NT&U Primary Academies 2018-19 v1
Attendance Policy NT&U 2018-20
Curriculum Policy NT&U Primary Academies 2018-2020 v1
Homework Policy NT & UTT 18-20
Race Equality Policy NT&U Primary Academies 2018-2020 v1
Uniform Policy - NT&U Primary Academies 2018-20
First Aid Policy NT&U Primary Academies 2018-2020 v1
Medication Policy NT&U Primary Academy 2018-2020 v1
Healthy Eating Policy NT & UTT 18-20
Utterby & North Thoresby Relationship Sex Education Policy 2020-22 - Final
UTT AET Pupil Premium Policy 2020-21
NT&U Harmful Sexual Behaviour Policy - Feb 2022