Spring Activity Week

This week, the children have been surprising us with how artistic and creative they are. We began looking at 'Harry's Home' where we designed and drew some of our own transport. Then we had a go at making them a reality with junk modelling!

We collected all the sounds of the city and the country and made them into music, where some of the children had a go at being conductors.

We made pizzas to help us look at fractions (we each ate a quarter of a pizza!) and we even practised writing instructions for others to make their own!

To top it all off, a boat appeared in our classroom (thanks Mrs Thornley!) and we spent an entire day looking at 'The Owl and the Pussycat'.

We made honey sandwiches, made pea-green boats, painted the Gum-Gum trees, created runcible spoons and even had a go on some ukuleles! It was so much fun, we didn't want the boat to sail away.