How to Get Noticed by ANN at Oshkosh

NO ONE, and we mean no one, is doing as much coverage of AirVenture 2018 as is ANN, Aero-TV, Airborne Unlimited and our other efforts... so it makes sense for you to get with us to do the best possible job in educating all of us at ANN as to what you’re up to, news-wise, for this year.

AND... its the DOZENTH time that ANN has stepped up with a full slate of stories, audio, video, Aero-TV, Airborne, and, of course, the AirVenture Innovation Previews!

But if you really want to get noticed by us, here are a few “do's” and “don’ts” that will help us help you.

First, do something noteworthy. This may seem a bit obvious, but the more people impacted by your new product or event, the better. Logo changes or launching a new website are great, but maybe not lead items. Same goes for incremental updates. If version 6.2.4 only makes minor bug fixes, your release will likely be pushed back for something more impactful.

Provide news releases electronically. We know you didn't write it by hand or on grandma's Underwood and mimeograph it for distribution. We also know not everyone can afford thumb drives for the masses. But an email is welcomed. Send those to

And BTW ... Press kits on CD's are dinosaurs. Many computers don't even include the drives to play them anymore ... including most newer Macs and all tablets. Include images. LOTS of images.

The internet thrives on images. Internet video demands them. We include an image with every story, and unless you want us to pick what you may not like, give us the images you most want us to see. And hi-res is pretty much a requirement from here on out.

Don't try to tell your entire story in the headline. We'll have to edit it, and we may miss the hook you're going for. Give the reader a reason to read more.

Keep the flowery language to a minimum. You may be the world's premier provider of geezywhitchets... But that's not the news.

By the same token, don't make it too technical. Lots of readers may get lost in all the numbers. Don't make your company name the first thing in your release. I know your marketing prof said you should, but that's also not the news.

There are certain words that seem to appear in quotes in every release. "Thrilled", "Proud", "Excited", and the like. Of course you are, or you wouldn't be sending the release. Again, I know your prof told you to use them, but save them for the marketing kit. Do people really talk like that for EVERY quote?

COMMUNICATE. This is VERY important, because we can't tell a story we don't hear about. Feel free to stop by our office and talk to us during the show.

Finally... ANN, Aero-TV and Airborne Unlimited are continuing to expand a new platform this year for REALLY innovative, fresh, heretofore unseen/unheard news, in cooperation with EAA and quite a few other

organizations... if you are breaking BIG news this year, you need to make contact with us right away to be brought up to speed on all that we have planned and how YOU can take advantage of it.

The bottom line is that we need your release to be newsworthy, and we need to know about it. Decide what is REAL NEWS and emphasize that. Your goal is to give us the opportunity to help you reach a huge, dedicated audience. You'll have plenty of time for shameless self-promotion when they visit you at the show, or later.

And one thing more, news means NEW. If you already sent us the release two months ago, it'll likely go on the back burner. Make sure there is a reason to send us a NEWS release.

So that’s pretty much it. We certainly look forward to seeing all of you at Oshkosh this July. Let's work together to make this the best AirVenture, ever!

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