Aero-News Network @ AirVenture 2018!

Once again EAA's AirVenture is upon us!

And again Aero-News Network will be there to cover aviation's greatest event with a host of great programs... raising the bar further than ever!

ANN is the first 24/7/365, real-time online news service, and is now entering its third decade of daily news production.

ANN has produced over 360,000 news stories, 7,000 podcasts, 4,000+ Aero-TV features, and well over 1,500 episodes of “Airborne Unlimited.”

The “Airborne AMA Drone Report” and “Airborne Unmanned” are the first in a series of extensive upgrades to the programming matrix at ANN, each targeting a unique area of the aviation/aerospace spectrum, and supporting the massive Airborne Unlimited Daily news initiative that now numbers over 1,500 programs.

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As ANN has done over the course of most of the past decade at AEA, SnF, AMA, AUVSI, and previous AirVentures, the ANN/Airborne/Aero-News team will again orchestrate and webcast a “New Product Introduction” online preview to the major announcements to come, at Oshkosh, in cooperation and partnership with EAA.

Each approved preview will entitle the participant to present the most salient details of their new announcement(s) in order to enhance the excitement, newsworthiness and innovation of the AirVenture event. The resulting multi-hour program will air ‘live’ Saturday afternoon, before AirVenture officially begins, via EAA, Aero-News and other outlets and feature over 30 major companies and organizations with a brief synopsis of what they are showcasing at Oshkosh.

The full program will be made available, free, for re-webcast by interested news organizations, and each of the individual AIP presentations, as well, will be logged collectively and individually as a unique news-story on the ANN, EAA, and other applicable YouTube and associated web channels for easy reference and redistribution. Similar such programs have been conducted by ANN for nearly a decade and have won universal acclaim, appreciation and approval from participants, partners, and viewers alike.

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