~ EZ-Carries ~

Specializing in products to make life easier for people with mobility issues


A water bottle holder that attaches to crutches, canes, wheelchairs and walkers.

"Owners Of EZ-Carries Named Top Entrepreneurs"

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About us

Alexander Church, is a 9th Grader at Union Springs High School and Johntae Smith, is a 7th Grader at Auburn Junior High School.

Watch our promotional video for the national competition!

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Our mission

We strive to provide convenient gear for people with temporary or permanent mobility issues. With our innovative attachment, the EZ-Carrier, we can assure you that your water bottle will be easily accessible. We also plan to design products in the future that will hold your personal valuables.

A portion of our sales will be donated to a local non-profit organization started by another YEA member called Sports 4 All which helps children who have barriers that prevent them from playing organized sports.

Date created: 10/21/19 Date last updated: 4/20/22