RAM's Bodega & Boutique

Photos of the RAM's Bodega & Boutique.


The Ramily is proud to announce the  RAM's Bodega and Boutique. This is a community closet with clothes, food,  hygiene products, household items and school supplies for our students and their families in need. 

What we've done

Due to a large grant from The Five Star Education Foundation, who partnered with the Five Star Education Foundation, to purchase new clothing, food, household items and infrastructure to create a resource closet for students and their families. With partnerships with the Five Star Education Foundation, the RAM's Bodega & Boutique will continue to thrive at Rocky Mountain.

 How to shop the RAM's Bodega & Boutique

In an effort to make items in the RAM's Bodega & Boutique available  to our students and their households, there is an in person shopping option available and an online option. Please see the shopping page here for more information.

A special thank  you to our partners, sponsors, donors and supporters!

with a special thanks to Lisle Reed, Valarie Almanzar and Rochelle Garcia-Gomez

For additional questions, please contact  the RAM's Bodega & Boutique coordinator: 

Tatiana Lozano at loz025943@adams12.org or 720-972-3500