Horizon's SOAR Program

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Mission: Horizon High School SOAR students develop dynamic leadership skills and graduate prepared for post-secondary success.

Program Overview:

The Horizon SOAR program is designed to enlighten, enrich, and excite students. The SOAR program provides structure and support for high-achieving students to prepare for college and post-secondary success. The SOAR program is specific to the individual student and their own area of educational emphasis. It is designed to promote a well-rounded high school experience including Advanced Placement courses, extra-curricular activities, community service involvement, and extended learning opportunities. The aspiration of the SOAR program is to furnish a variety of learning opportunities to challenge and engage students.

Program Objectives:

  • Inspire dynamic leadership skills

  • Achieve 100% college and workforce readiness by customizing a meaningful and sustainable post-secondary plan

  • Foster collaboration, culture, and community

  • Continuously improve in academics and personal growth

SOAR Standards:

  • Self Actualization (personal growth and dynamic leadership)

  • Communication and Collaboration

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Culture, Community, and Civic Engagement

  • Experiential Learning and Skills Transfer

  • Post-Secondary Readiness