About Act Your Stage

"I'm not always the slightly sassy, little bit chi woman that some take me for. But, when I am, this is my preferred headshot."


Act Your Stage is the brain child of
zy Sin Park

A bit about Suzy:

It took this one as a silly infant a whole 5 Earth hours, upon initial exposure to oxygen, to figure out how to do that one thing that almost every baby figures out how to do immediately upon birth: BREATHE. Picture Suzy, post-delivery, nearing the 59th minute of the 5th hour, "That's what that LIFE button is for? Okay I guess I'll go ahead and press it now. Inflate. Deflate. Inflate. Deflate."

As an artist & supporter of the arts, Suzy Sin Park has been living a multi-culti life of an artist, often dabbling in and occasionally deep-diving into a multiplicity of life's metaphorical pools of work & play, connection & community, whilst simultaneously navigating a range of personal physical & mental health experiences and working through trauma & recovery. The Arts–mainly Visual Arts, Music, Creative Writing and Performing Arts–have been and remain central to Suzy's identity as a sentient being.

Suzy's professional experience, and education and related background spans from bts to on-stage performance, classical piano recitals to punk rock shows, street inspired mural art to corporate graphic design, baking & making to marketing & advertising, stand-up comedy to event production and promotion. Bonus, she has a yummy Etsy shop you should check out.



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