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For your child's success and safety in a physical education setting, please make sure your child wears athletic shoes and easy to move in clothing. Please, no CROCS, sandals, boots, or high heeled dress shoes.  

Our Second quarter fastest class results are in! Congratulations to Ms. Kim's 5th Grade class for proving that they are the fastest class in the school by winning the FASTEST CLASS CHALLENGE!  They ran the most average laps per student in 5 minutes in a school wide challenge for 1st - 5th grade in P.E. last week.  PERSEVERANCE at it's finest!!!

Also - Big Congrats to the Fastest class by grade level: 

● 1st grade- Ms. Fisher

● 2nd grade - Ms. Bruder

● 3rd grade- Ms. Evans

● 4th - Ms. Peeples

● 5th - Ms. Kim (fastest overall) 

Fastest Class Overall

Ms. Kim

                                                                 1st Grade-Ms. Fisher

2nd Grade Ms. Bruder

3rd Grade Ms. Evans

4th Grade Ms. Peeple's