Welcome to AIG at Lucy S. Herring!

This is the Academically / Intellectually Gifted (AIG) website for Lucy S. Herring Elementary (formerly Vance Elementary)  

My name is Kristin Doe and I am an AIG Specialist with Asheville City Schools.

Students are formally identified for the AIG program in third grade and have services matched to their various needs.  I work with students in a variety of small group pull-out, and inclusion settings.  My main role is to serve in a coaching capacity to assist classroom teachers with meeting the needs of the students in their classrooms. 

My hours of operation

Monday-Wednesday 7:15-3:30

 (828) 350-6608

Email: kristin.doe@acsgmail.net

Whole School Recycling Project-Bottle Cap Art

All the students and families collected plastic bottle caps to use for our two murals for an entire school year! We were unable to finish them, but the effort, hard work and excitement were there!!!

Recycling Symbol K-2

Vance Earth Symbol 3rd-5th