About Us

We are eighth graders at Thomas Edison Middle School, 2018-2019. We were chosen for our academic achievements and cooperative skills that contribute to the team as a whole. Amongst the twenty-two of us, we have eight groups. These groups include our researchers, website developers, manufacturers, data crunchers, bloggers, digital media team, presenters, and our managers. We all work to make our product the best it can be.

Thomas Edison Middle School located in Meriden, CT.


These are the researchers of our team. Their job is to find information to further our knowledge on the topic that we have chosen. This includes researching competitive advantages and finding the best way to experiment.

Website Developers

These are the website developers of our team. Their job is to create our website and keeping it updated. This includes conversing with the marketers on designs and adding separate sections if needed.


These are the manufacturers of our team. Their job is to create the products and assist experimentation on them. This includes going over the layouts that the data crunchers have create for experimentation and aiding in carrying them out, along with discussing what the product is going to look like with the marketers.


These are the data crunchers of our team. Their job is to plan out experiments with the manufacturers and record the results. This includes keeping the manufacturers informed of the scientific method and using the information collected to create graphs.


These are the bloggers of our team. Their job is to keep written documentation of activity within our many group. This also includes updating the launchpad page and writing progression reports.

digital/social media

These are the digital/social media workers of our team. Their job is to keep visual documentation of activity within our groups. This includes taking pictures, creating storyboards for the commercial, and updating social media pages.


These are the presenters of our team. Their job is to introduce our product. This includes presenting information in an easy to digest manner, interacting with the audience, and providing a real-life voice and face for our company image.

Group managers

These are the group managers of our team, including our main project manager. From left to right, they are the Head Data Cruncher, the Head Blogger, the Project Manager, the Head Website Developer, the Head Digital Media Worker, and the Head Researcher. The jobs of the group managers are to assign tasks to themselves and the students within their group, and to keep them on task. The project manager has a similar job. They keep tabs on the tasks the group managers have assigned, and are in charge of keeping all of us focused. In addition, using the judging rubric, they grade our project based on their personal judgement as we progress.