The Problem

The biggest problem we found with most heating packs is that the filling moves to one side when lying or sitting down. When the filling isn’t evenly dispersed, the heat and pressure aren’t going to be evenly dispersed either. We also found that when using a heating pack, it is impossible to walk or move easily. This is an urgent problem, 80% of Americans experience an episode of back pain at least once in their lives, and most continue to suffer. There is no single product that can fix all of these problems.

Our Solution

The Pain Away Pack is a cheap, effective, and environmentally-positive solution for this problem. It has a Velcro strap which allows for easy and comfortable movement, the lentils inside are sectioned off so they won't fall to the side, and the pack is even eco-friendly! Our group used the scientific method to choose our filling. We experimented with three different fillings: rice, lentils, and black beans. The lentils ended up being the best option for they can hold heat the longest and they're the safest to use. Our parchment fabric was also tested against two other fabrics: flannel and denim. We chose parchment for the same reasons we chose the lentils: it held heat the longest, it was the safest to use, along with the fact that it is eco-friendly. We believe our product can be a viable solution to muscle pain.