We strive to reflect and honor the diversity of all Aces by valuing, uplifting, and celebrating the perspectives and strengths of all people from different identities, backgrounds, and cultures. 

embrACE, our diversity-focused Employee Resource Group, works to uphold a culture of inclusivity, accessibility, equity, and diversity both internally in the Aceable working culture, and externally for our community of students. 

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How do I join the embrACE community?

If you're interested in joining, email embrace@aceable.com with any questions you may have, and to be added to meeting/event invites and join the #embrace Slack channel.

How can I get involved?

Join an embrACE task group! To learn more about the various task groups and embrACE leadership, check out the About page.

Got feedback?

DEI Form: For any questions/feedback on DEI company initiatives for embrACE or the DEI council, please fill out the DEI form.

The Aceline: For individual issues, serious or sensitive concerns, Aceable has teamed up with Lighthouse Services to offer The Aceline, an anonymous employee hotline. This hotline was created to provide an environment where Aces can safely speak up and to allow our teams to benefit from the honest feedback provided. You can contact the hotline online by clicking the button above. The employee Aceline hotline policy can be found here.