Académie Lafayette

Special Education and Speech Resources

Welcome students and families! The special education staff is committed to providing support and services to our students while we meet the challenges of online and hybrid learning.

Please use this webpage to find resources to help your child learn at home. Your child's Special Educator or Speech-Language Pathologist may direct you to specific activities to address IEP goals.

Please use the table to contents to find materials in these areas: Speech & Language, Math Calculation, Math Problem Solving, Basic Reading Skills, Reading Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Written Expression, Social Skills, Organization & Time Management and Self-Regulation.

💡 Screen readers are important tools that make online learning more accessible for students with a learning disability affecting reading. Please consider adding a screen reader to your child's home technology. Free options include:

💡Another great tool to help make learning at home more accessible is a "worksheet" helper. Apps like "snap type" allow students and parents to make worksheets typeable.

Your child can get a FREE Kansas City Public Library Card. Use this card to access great digital resources including Kanopy Kids and Hoopla! Here are all free digital resources at the library.