BEJ Read Across the Rainbow

This reading incentive program is designed to motivate and reward students for reading a variety of books throughout the school year.

“Read Across the Rainbow” key points:

  1. Every grade level will have 6 different rainbow reading cards with a variety of book choices to complete. Each student will begin with a red reading card in September.

  2. Students may read the books on each card in any order and choose any titles that fit the categories. The books may come from any source (library, online, school, home, etc…).

  3. Any book read by or to the student at home or school during the year may count.

  4. Each book read counts one time.

  5. Students will have the opportunity to complete one card per month.

  6. Students have a minimum of one month to complete a card, but they can take as long as they need!

  7. For each card a student completes, they will receive a charm to add to a special book bag clip .

  8. Students that complete all six cards will receive a paw charm and a certificate at the end of the year.

Reading card months and colors

October red

November green

December orange

January purple

February blue

March /April Yellow

*All cards should be turned in by June 3, 2022

Since reading is so important to a child’s success in school, we hope that you will become as excited as we are about this reading adventure and encourage your child to “Read Across the Rainbow” this year.