New Student Registration

New Student Registration Process

Welcome to the RJ Grey Junior High School!

Once you have established residency in Acton or Boxborough, please follow the these steps to register your junior high student. 

Pre-Register Online

1) Complete the pre-registration form online at Gateway using the link below.  Please be as thorough as possible. You will have the opportunity to upload required documentation to the site. 

Provide Required Documentation 

2) If you were not able to upload the required documents to the Gateway site, please drop them off at the school, email them to the Registrar, Kerry Lewis (, or fax them to us at 978-264-3343.  

The following documents are required in order to register your student:

Make a Registration Appointment

3) After you have completed the online pre-registration form, contact our Registrar, Kerry Lewis at or 978-264-335 x34110 to make a registration appointment.

Registration appointments are scheduled during school hours and on specific dates throughout the summer.  The student and at least one parent or guardian should plan to attend.

During your appointment, a counselor will review your paperwork, give an overview of the school (including teaming concept, the typical day at RJ Grey, clubs and activities, class and homework expectations), provide a tour of the building, and answer any of your questions.

8th grade students have the option to complete a Math Placement Assessment after the  tour if they wish to be considered for the algebra class. The Math Assessment will take up to one hour. Parents/guardians do not need to stay during the testing.

If  you have any questions about any of these documents or the registration process, please contact our Registrar, Kerry Lewis, at at (978)264-3350 x 34110.

Other helpful resources: